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Fashion Flooring & Design offers a myriad of carpet choices perfect for your lifestyle

For an attractive, easy to live with and budget-friendly flooring, carpet meets and exceeds expectations. The floor is a key interior design element, that’s why it pays to buy the highest quality that’s affordable. A carefully considered carpet purchasing decision will pay for itself many times over in years to come.

In order to select the best carpet for the project, consider the requirements specific to the new floor’s installation. This information will enable the Fashion Flooring & Design team to help you choose the right carpet for the room.

Carpet traffic

When it comes to foot traffic, all parts of a home are not created equal. It’s important to determine how the room or area to be carpeted will be used. As a guide:
• Heavy foot traffic: entries, hallways, family rooms
• Medium traffic: living rooms, libraries, bedrooms
• Light traffic: guest bedrooms, home offices

Also consider if you have pets. We carry pet-friendly carpet and carpet for active families.

Carpet color

Color gives a room personality. It makes sense to choose a carpet color to match the mood you want to create. Light colors expand a room while dark hues make a big area seem more intimate. On the practical side, darker colors are better for hiding unavoidable, though often temporary, soils and stains to high-traffic areas.
Luxury carpet in Valparaiso, IN from Fashion Flooring & Design

Carpet fiber

Carpet fiber plays a significant role in how carpet performs. But not all fiber performs the same. When you buy carpet, look for brand names. These fiber producers certify and warrant their products, which gives you assurance the carpet will perform. Popular and proven carpet fibers include:
• Triexta/SmartStrand
• Wool
• Polyester
• Nylon
• Olefin
• Solution-died fibers
• Natural – jute, abaca

Carpet cushion

A high-quality cushion lengthens the life of a carpet, adds resiliency, absorbs noise and helps insulate. Make sure you choose one that’s guaranteed for the life of the carpet. Check with the carpet manufacturer’s warranty to see if there are direct specifications for carpet cushion to keep the valuable warranty in play.

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