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What good are design consultations?

Researching new floor coverings can lead you to a lot of information, including talk of design consultations. But what are they? And are they necessary for your new flooring? This is a valid question, especially if you already know what you want and need from your floors. The truth is, a consultation can change everything in just a matter of minutes. Designers have an eye that picks out minute details, and sometimes that’s just what you need.

One of the best things about this service is that it puts a professional on your very own project, and they have the credentials to prove it. Not only do they know exactly where to start, but they can help create a plan for reaching your desired goals, whether in preference or necessity. The steps that they steer you through can make huge differences, even if they’re small, at various stages in your plan.

Your flooring project is very unique, but design consultations are too. You won’t be treated as just another flooring customer. We’ll listen to your desires for a finished project and craft a plan that helps get you there as quickly, affordably, and beautifully as possible. Handling projects that are particularly design-heavy can be a monumental undertaking. However, with a consultant overseeing the work, it will get done faster and more efficiently. If unexpected things come up mid-project, you’ll never have to worry about the outcome.
Design Consultation in Valparaiso, IN area from Fashion Flooring & Design

Getting the help you need

Flooring projects can be stressful, and the bigger the project, the more stressful it can be. The good news is that design consultations can eliminate almost all the stress, and can save you time in doing it. Of course, you can choose just how involved you want to be in the whole process, but leaving the hard work and figures to the team could be in your best interests. It might be tempting to jump back into the project for yourself, but you’ll be amazed at the results that come from leaving the brunt of the project in the hands of professionals.

Fashion Flooring & Design provides design consultations as a part of our professional service package. In addition to the best products and the best value, you’ll also get professional service, start to finish. From our showroom in Valparaiso, IN, we serve the surrounding communities of Chesterton, La Porte, Portage, and Crown Point. Stop in today for more information on how our consultants can help create the perfect floors in your home.