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Hardwood flooring has become one of today’s most popular choices for home remodeling because it offers important benefits

Hardwood flooring offers many well sought-after advantages. It’s natural, beautiful, durable and quite easy to care for on a regular basis. While hardwood costs about the same amount as other top-quality flooring materials, it is a great investment in the long run, because it will last for many years. Hardwood also contributes to a healthy environment by reducing the risks of allergies to pollen, dust, mold and fungus.

Thanks to hardwood’s availability in many styles and a wide variety of popular features, hardwood flooring can complement any interior design scheme and also can add to a home’s market value. Take some time to research possible flooring products and consider the benefits they will deliver over time. Avoid imitations. The best advice is to opt for hardwood because you truly prefer its inherent warmth and beauty.

Hardwood materials are available from Fashion Flooring & Design in wide planks, UV-oiled finish, wire brushed, hand scraped planks and gray tones. We have hardwood flooring products from Green World, Shaw, Paramount and other well-known manufacturers. The professionals at Fashion Flooring & Design will be happy to provide more detailed info and samples and also help you choose the right hardwood flooring material for your home.

There are three main hardwood flooring types currently on the market. These include:

Solid hardwood
All wood flooring, regardless of their dimensions, are one piece of hardwood from one end to the other. These are considered to be solid hardwood flooring. You can purchase unfinished solid hardwood flooring as rough boards. These low-cost boards are usually easy to install. However, finishing the surface is considerably more complicated, requires experience, and must be done on the installation site. Naturally, you’ll have to pay for the surface finishing in addition to the cost of the wood itself. For this reason, most homeowners generally decide to purchase pre-finished hardwood materials and have them installed professionally. Doing so will also protect your manufacturer’s warranty, since many warranties will not be honored unless the products have been put in place by experienced professionals.

When purchased pre-finished, solid hardwood is delivered as ready-to-install wood boards that have already been sanded, stained, and finished in a carefully-controlled factory environment. A complete range of domestic and exotic wood species are available in a broad selection of grades, colors, sizes, and surface finishes that will fit-in with any interior decor. Pre-finished hardwood flooring is fast and easy to install as well, so family members won’t have to find somewhere else to go during the flooring installation project.
Gorgeous hardwood flooring in Chesterton, IN from Fashion Flooring & Design
Engineered hardwood
Pre-finished engineered hardwood flooring is sold as boards made up of a hardwood surface glued to a plywood base. Engineered hardwoods were developed specifically for installation in climates with variable humidity levels. Engineered hardwood flooring has better stability than solid wood. Perhaps just as important, the boards can be directly glued onto concrete, acoustic underlayment, or even a sub-floor that contains a floor heating system. They may also be stapled to a plywood sub-floor.

Engineered hardwood is the ideal flooring choice for basements, condominiums, and commercial establishments. The quality of an engineered wood floor can be determined by examining four factors: Thickness of the wear layer, the quantity of plies that in the plywood, the cutting procedure used on the surface, and the precision of this cut. The professionals at Fashion Flooring & Design can help you select the engineered hardwood flooring products that meet these criteria.

Floating floors engineered hardwood
This type of hardwood flooring consists of real hardwood boards with a high density fiber (HDF) core and a fastening system at both ends. These “floating” floors get their name since they don’t require glue, nails, or staples to fasten them to any underlayment or sub-floor material. Because these floors can be set in place quickly and easily, they are a practical means of owning a genuine hardwood floor that can be easily moved if necessary.

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