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Putting WPC confusion to rest

If you’ve spent any time researching waterproof flooring, you’re sure to have heard about WPC materials. This acronym stands for “Wood Plastic Composite” or “Wood Polymer Composite” and the term itself can create confusion if you aren’t familiar with the product. We want to eliminate that confusion by giving you a few details about this important floor covering and just how it can be beneficial in your own home.

The first notable point in WPC is the word “wood” in the very name. It sounds like there is actual wood in the product when, in fact, there is no real wood in it at all. It’s a type of engineered flooring that contains a core made of a variety of materials including wood pulp and plasticizers. It’s waterproof, so it doesn’t swell or become damaged if exposed to water, spills, or other types of moisture. There’s also no expanding or contracting with temperature changes.

You might think WPC and regular LVP (luxury vinyl plank) are the same. However, the main difference is that WPC adds a very rigid core. This core sits between an underlayment and a layer of vinyl, which is topped off by the 3D printed layer that gives your flooring the look you want. Overall, this flooring is very similar to laminate, even though laminate can have an advantage in style in the addition of beveled edges.

Hearing the term “rigid core” may lead you to believe that these floors lack comfort. They’re actually quite comfortable, with a resilient feel underfoot. Thicker materials enhance this comfort, meaning you’ll find it easier to stand on it for longer periods of time when doing tasks like preparing meals. Keeping your floors clean will be easier too. Sweeping, damp mopping, and an occasional necessary spot cleaning will keep these floors looking great for years to come.
Waterproof flooring in Valparaiso, IN from Fashion Flooring & Design
They’re just as easy to install, featuring the glueless click and lock system that speeds up your installation. This will save you money, as your installers will be in and out before you know it.

Fashion Flooring & Design is proud to serve the communities of Valparaiso, Chesterton, La Porte, Portage, and Crown Pointe, all from our Valparaiso, IN showroom. There, you’ll find a variety of excellent and affordable flooring, expert associates standing by to answer all your questions, and a professional installation team ready to bring your dream floors to life. Stop by today to find out more, including details on our design consultation.

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